Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Not much time for blogging today. It's been a long, busy day ending in a world series game that's still going on. The sacrifices I make for you, the blogreader. :)

Had my new kid in class today. Everything went fine with that. He's in special ed most of the time anyway.

I still get frustrated sometimes with my class's self-defeating behavior. We really have a lot of fun in the other class I teach because I can be silly and have fun and they handle it appropriately. They can laugh and then move on and continue learning and it's great. My class, however, just loses control if I start being silly. They just spiral into an almost chaotic state. I've tried telling them we could all have more fun if they'd just listen and follow directions but it doesn't help. I'm still looking for solutions to that. They're so impulsive at this age but I can't blame it on age alone because the other class is able to conduct themselves just fine.

This is drug-free red ribbon week. We all wear these red wrist bands all week and each band has a number on it. They draw numbers at the end of each day and the person with the matching number on his/her wrist band gets a prize. I'm not sure where elementary kids winning little plastic frisbees falls in the war on drugs but I'm sure it's an important piece of the puzzle.

Ok, I'm out. Good night.


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